Defects In Velvet

- Oct 28, 2020-

The characteristics of velvet itself, the surface is composed of dense small nap, in the process of fabric production and processing, there will be some small nap particles left on the clothes, this is inevitable.

Generally in the first few times of washing will be washed out, especially black, sapphire blue, carbon ash and other dark clothes will be particularly obvious, in addition, the dry environment is prone to generate static electricity.

(1) Velvet is notoriously prone to static electricity in the fall and winter, and thus tends to stick to other fabrics, which is distressing.

(2) The surface of velvet fabric is composed of dense small villi. In the process of fabric production and processing, some small villi particles will remain on the clothes, so it is necessary to regularly remove these small villi that fall off.

(3) Due to the problem of manufacturing process, the velvet cloth of dark color will be washed out in the previous several times of washing, the appearance of fading.