Introduction And Advantages Of Velvet Fabrics

- Oct 28, 2020-

The material of velvet is very popular in the clothing now, it is very comfortable to wear, so it is loved by everyone, especially many silk stockings are made of velvet.

Velvet is also called Zhang Rong, in fact, velvet as early as in the Ming Dynasty of China has been produced in large quantities, the origin in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, China, so also known as Zhang Rong, is one of China's traditional fabrics.

The velvet fabric adopts cocoon first class raw silk, also adopts silk as warp, cotton as weft interweave, with silk or rayon as velvet ring.

Warp and weft are first degummed or semi-degummed, dyed and woven after reaming.

According to different USES, different materials can be used for weaving. In addition to the aforementioned silk and rayon, different materials such as cotton, eyeball, viscose, polyester and polyamide fiber can also be used for weaving.

So the velvet fabric is not really made of velvet, it just feels and feels smooth and shiny like velvet.

Advantages of velvet fabric

1. Velvet fabrics are made of high quality cotton yarns, mainly including printing color, plain flower, jacquard and strip, yarn-dyed and burnt-out series.

The ingredients are 65T/35C, 80 cotton /20 polyester, 80 polyester /20 cotton, and bamboo fiber cotton velvet, etc.

The velvet fabric has a great flow of pendant and elegant luster, so it belongs to the fabric with a high level of appearance. Many fabrics are incomparable, so it becomes the favorite of fashionistas.

2. Compared with the cored silk, velvet has much higher elasticity, better hand feeling and better warmth retention.

Velvet has a comfortable feel and a fine texture, which makes it feel like soft down on your hand, whether it's intimate clothing or bedding.

Velvet fabric has strong warmth, using silk as raw material or warp, especially in winter, will not let a person feel cold.

3. The velvet fabric is woven with imported materials, which can be washed without deformation, wear and wear resistance is enhanced by three times, and has supporting and massage functions.

Velvet fabric has the advantage that does not drop wool, do not fade, its nap or nap ring stands closely, lubricious light is elegant, the fabric is firm and wear-resisting, because this USES the effect is good, cost performance is very high.