The Origin Of Velvet And Its Contrast With Flannel

- Oct 28, 2020-

Which is better, velvet or flannel

1. Development history

From the perspective of development history, velvet first appeared in the Ming Dynasty. It is one of our traditional fabrics, so it is relatively backward.

Flannel fabric, on the other hand, has a relatively new history and can keep up with the trend of The Times.

2. Warmth retention

The raw material of flannel is wool fiber. In the process of production, part of the wool is first dyed, then mixed with part of the primary color wool, and then blended into mixed color wool yarn, and finally woven into fabric, which is made by reducing and pulling wool.

And the cloth of velvet is maturity good long and thin velvet quality cotton, therefore not as strong as the warmth of wool fiber.

3. Practicality

Velvet is cheaper than flannel, so it's better value for money.

However, in the actual use of the process, will find that the velvet appeared faded, hair phenomenon, affecting the use of the experience.

While flannel, as a new environmental protection product, will not appear in the use of hair, color, and other phenomena, so well received by consumers.

The origin of velvet fabric

Velvet is a fabric made of velvet woven on the surface of a grey cloth into a pile or a circle.

Velvet originated in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, China, also known as Zhangrong, is one of China's traditional fabrics.

In the Western Han Dynasty, velvet became a royal tribute. Due to the improvement and development of the textile industry in the Ming Dynasty, a large number of velvet products were produced and went out of the palace walls to people's homes.

Velvet is divided into two categories, flower and vegetable.

Traditional patterns are: Five Blessing holding shou, plum orchid, bamboo chrysanthemum, eight imens, phoenix opera peony and so on, the traditional colors are mostly dark green, purple, crab green, bronze color.

In 2007, swan weaving was listed as the provincial intangible cultural heritage of Jiangsu Province.

Now common swan fabric is: hats, clothing, fabric soft outfit.