Electric blanket purchase tips

- Dec 18, 2019-

In winter, facing the bitter cold weather, many people look forward to the comfort of hot buns. In modern life, the fire flames are basically gone. How can we enjoy the fire flames again? Electric blanket! Many people think of it. Indeed, sleeping on an electric blanket in winter is like sleeping on a hot bun. Electric blankets are already a must-have winter product in some areas with poor heating or in the south. So how to buy electric blankets, here are some tips for choosing electric blankets.

1. Look at the logo. This is the prerequisite for purchasing electric blankets, and it is also the safety guarantee for using electric blankets. The electric blanket must be a product that has passed the inspection by the relevant department or unit, and must have a certificate of compliance and a production license number that can be checked online.

2. Look at the power and use it as needed, which saves energy and is good for your health. The power of the electric blanket is not as large as possible, it is best to decide according to the number of people, single should not exceed 60W, double should not exceed 120W.

3. Recognize quality by feel. Good-quality electric blankets feel smooth and soft, and there are no missing stitches in the fabric. The internal electric heating wires should be arranged neatly and regularly, without crossover and knotting.

4. Look at it. The power controller should be complete, smooth and defect-free, flexible to use, with clear switch marks, and the power cable used should be a double-sheathed cable.

5. Select the smart energy-saving model. Choose the ones that can be controlled automatically, saving power, saving trouble, safe and reliable.

6. Test before choosing. When the power is on, there should be no rustling noise in the mattress; after a few minutes, the hand feels heat when touching the electric blanket.