Difference between Raschel blanket and acrylic blanket

- Dec 16, 2019-

Raschel blankets and acrylic blankets belong to the knitted blanket series. Due to the different weaving methods, there are great differences in their performance.

Warp-knitted Raschel blankets are woven using warp-knitted Raschel double-needle bed loom. Because the product is warp-knitted, all wool yarns participate in weaving loops, and there is no extended relationship between each other. Because hundreds or thousands of warp yarns are used for weaving at the same time, the dimensional stability of the finished product is excellent, and there is almost no fluff after the finished product, and because the yarns are evenly distributed between the yarns, the yarn feeding tension is the same, so that the suede of the entire blanket is fluffy 2. The density of the pile is uniform, the elasticity of the blanket is moderate, and the feeling of standing hair is strong. Because the product adopts any external conditions in the setting and weaving, the product has almost no change in size and fluff after washing.

Warp-knitted acrylic blankets are knitted using weft-knitting garden machines and fed yarn in the middle. Because weft-knitted products are knitted by one or more yarns, the coils and the coils of the knitting fabric can extend to each other. The height of the coils changes with the external tension, and the size of the entire product is very unstable. To produce a certain size product, the corresponding size and weight are under post-processing conditions (such as back sizing and setting), but after washing the product, it is likely to return to its original state. Wool yarn does not participate in loop formation, and the hair loss rate is much more than that of warp knitted products, which is not resistant to washing.