Electric blankets can cause miscarriage in pregnant women

- Dec 18, 2019-

Electric current and magnetic field are a pair of enemies. Where there is electricity, there must be magnetism. Therefore, if the electric blanket will cause miscarriage, there are only two possible reasons:

1. High temperature is not good for fetal development;

Second, the low-frequency magnetic field generated after the electric blanket is energized, causing pregnant women to have an abortion.

In 1986, two scholars, Wertheimer and Leeper, surveyed 1,256 women who gave birth in the same year and found that the miscarriage rate of pregnant women and the growth retardation of the fetus are highly related to seasonal changes. The overview is larger than that of women who are pregnant in summer, and it is related to the use of electric blankets during pregnancy.

Later, they found that heating the ceiling with an electric blanket, that is, indirectly heating the human body, also caused seasonal changes in the occurrence of miscarriages. This shows that the impact of electric blankets on pregnant women is mainly through electromagnetic fields. As a result, the prelude to the research of electric blankets was opened. China has had similar research in the 1990s. Scholars counted the number of spontaneous abortions and conducted a return visit to these people, and found that 83.6% of women who had a spontaneous abortion during pregnancy in winter had used electric blankets.

From this perspective, the electric blanket is really terrible!

However, this research seems to be flawed. For example, I do n’t need to investigate to know that 100% of these aborted women have drank water. Can I say “drinking water may cause miscarriage”? The best way to study the effects of electric blankets on pregnant women is to design single-factor controlled trials. First, find tens of thousands of pregnant women with similar physical conditions. These pregnant women were then divided into two large groups. The first group placed them in a comfortable constant-temperature room; the second group consisted of several groups, and the electric blankets were opened overnight and fixed in different gears. In this way, if only the second group has a problem, it means that the electric blanket will cause miscarriage; and then subdividing the magnetic field exposure level of each group, we can infer the safety threshold.

The problem is, I think the country should not let it go. Hitler didn't necessarily dare to do that. Ethics is a problem that all scientists must face, so learn to use other schemes to get approximate values.

Electric blankets may indeed cause harm to the human body, such as the risk of short circuits caused by inferior electric blankets, and improper settings may cause physical discomfort.

Therefore, rather than worrying about the radiation of the electric blanket, these problems are more worth noting: Do not fold the electric blanket too hard, it may damage the circuit, cause electric shock or fire; children who can wet the bed should not use the electric blanket to avoid short circuit of the electric blanket Danger; as for the electromagnetic field of the electric blanket, will it cause miscarriage? In a word: the energy of electromagnetic radiation is too low to cause adverse effects on the human body.

Rather than worrying about this, pregnant women should pay attention to those with more clear evidence-a balanced diet, regular exercise, and regular checkups.

Truth: The electromagnetic radiation of electric blankets has no adverse effects on the human body, and it will not cause pregnant women to have an abortion