Maintenance And Cleaning Of Blankets

- Nov 17, 2020-

Blanket maintenance

1. When raising blankets, you should pay attention to prohibiting dampness to avoid mildew, avoid being exposed to the sun and being sultry and heat, to prevent deterioration of gloss and rough hand feel, and use insect repellent to prevent insects.

2. It can be pressed heavily to avoid burrs and creases.

Blanket cleaning

1. For washing with good quality special detergent and neutral low-alkali detergent, the water temperature should be around 35℃.

2. The blanket cannot be machine washed. To keep the blanket clean and reduce the number of times of washing the blanket, a blanket cover can be added to the blanket.

3. The blanket should be aired frequently during use, and lightly tapped to remove the sweat, dust and dander attached to the blanket. Keep the blanket clean and dry to prevent moth-eaten and mildew.

4. Air-drying is required before storage. Put a few mothballs wrapped in paper in a folded blanket, wrap it in a plastic bag and seal it, and store it in a dry cupboard.

Ingenious sun thick blanket

The thicker the blanket, the harder it will get through. As long as you use a little knowledge of physics, you can easily get a thick blanket through:

Method: Dry the blanket on the clothesline along the diagonal to greatly shorten the time required for drying. Dry the blanket on the clothes rail and pat lightly with a small stick