How To Wash Blankets

- Nov 30, 2020-

1. Put the blanket into the bath and soak it in warm water of about 30°C.

2. Use neutral detergent for general household use instead of bleaching powder.

3. Add washing powder and soak for 15 minutes to remove dirt and dust.

4. Knead with your hands or lightly tread with your feet.

5. Rinse with water 2-3 times.

6. After washing, empty the water in the bath and do not wring out the blanket by hand, otherwise the blanket will be deformed.

7. Put the blankets in the bath and automatically control to dry.

8. Place the blanket in the sun to dry while lightly brushing the blanket with a soft brush.

9. Do not use the dryer if it is dry in sunny days.

10. Do not use insect repellent for long-term storage.