Daily Care Of Blankets

- Jan 09, 2021-

1. In daily care, the dust on the upper blanket can be removed by shaking and flapping.

2. However, if you accidentally spill a drink and cause a small area of the blanket to get dirty, wipe it gently with a white towel with strong absorption power and warm water at about 40 degrees Celsius.

3. If the blanket is partially stained with oil and clean water is difficult to achieve the purpose of cleaning, then you can use a mildly alkaline mild detergent to gently wipe it, and then use a white towel with strong absorption power to moisten it with warm water about 40 degrees Celsius. clean.

4. Don't panic when encountering a wide range of dirt. Adjust the washing machine to a gentle level, add acidic or weak alkaline mild detergent and stir well, then gently wash with water, and dry the water before drying.