The Hoodie Blanket

- Mar 27, 2021-

All thanks to the trendsetters and most importantly, the social media models who influence fashion, there is no need to walk around looking like a penguin on account of the weather. With the fall season comes back the hoodie. but now revamped and pimped up to give it a new look. The blanket hoodie is a hybrid, a delicious child whose parents are the original hoodie and the plain good old winter blanket.

Sounds crazy good, doesn’t it? The blanket-hoodie is as warm as it gets. It achieves the warmth needed as well as the style that we desperately need to keep us cozy during the crazy cold days. The couch is friendlier with a huge cup of soup or a round mug of tea as well as something warm and fuzzy, that is why all brands and leading fashion houses have seen the importance of a sweatshirt blanket. Still not convinced about these sweatshirt blankets? Check out our sweatshirt in detail.