5 Tips For Blanket Cleaning

- Jan 09, 2021-

1. In the laundry tub, use neutral soap flakes or high-grade washing powder to turn into a light soap solution of about 20 degrees. After the blanket is soaked in clean water, gently squeeze out the water and put it in the soap solution gently by hand After kneading and washing, rinse with clean water several times.

2. If it is a pure blanket, you can put in about one or two white vinegar during the last rinse, so that the washed blanket can be as bright as new.

3. After rinsing, roll up the blanket, press lightly to drain the water, and then use the brush to neaten the fluff brush into the original square shape.

4. Drying the blanket is best to use two bamboo poles to set up in parallel, then put the blanket on top and place it in a cool place to dry slowly. Avoid direct exposure to the sun to prevent the blanket from fading and deforming.

5. The dried blanket is best to be brushed again with a brush to restore the original soft feel and beautiful appearance of the blanket.