Classification Of Blankets

- Jun 12, 2020-

Blanket is a kind of commonly used bedding. Its raw materials are mostly animal fibers (such as wool, mohair, rabbit hair, cashmere, camel hair, yak hair) or chemical fibers such as acrylic fiber and viscose fiber, some of which are made of animal fiber and chemical fiber. There are thick plush fabrics on both sides, with thick Plush on the surface. The wool fabrics with thermal performance can also be used as bed covers, tapestries and other decorations.

Blankets are divided into pure blankets, pure cotton blankets, blended blankets and chemical fiber blankets. According to the weaving methods, they are woven, tufted, warp knitted, needled, sewed, etc. There are jacquard, printing, plain color, mandarin duck color, Tao Zi, lattice and so on. The blanket style includes suede type, cashmere type, fluffy type, rolling ball type and water pattern type, etc. Strong elasticity and warmth retention, thick texture. It is mainly used as a bed cover, as a bedspread or tapestry and other decorations. The appearance image of the blanket is various, there are plump and curly suede type, pile type with upright and velvet feeling, fluffy and long fluffy type, rolling ball type like lambskin, irregular ripple water pattern, etc. There are many colors of blanket patterns, including geometric patterns, flowers, landscapes, animals, etc. Generally, blankets are decorated and reinforced by binding, binding and fringe.

Other classification of blankets:

It can also be used as bed blanket, knee blanket, beach blanket, etc.

Blanket can also be special finishing: flame retardant blanket, anti bacteria finishing, anion finishing and so on.

The blankets are divided into double blanket, single blanket, children's blanket and other specifications