Bamboo Fiber Bathrobe

- Jan 16, 2020-

This product is made of 100% pure natural bamboo fiber. It has a good feel, is soft like silk, has strong water absorption and is easy to clean. Bamboo fiber retains bamboo's natural anti-mite, deodorant, insect-proof and negative ion-producing properties, absorbs moisture and perspiration, inhibits bacteria and deodorization, has a breathable color, is fashionable and elegant, and has a very good skin affinity. It is soft and comfortable to wear. Bamboo fiber products mainly include bamboo fiber clothing, towels, bath towels, scarves, bamboo fiber clothing, underwear, bras, socks, bamboo fiber home textiles, bamboo charcoal, etc.


1. When storing bamboo fiber bathrobes, fold neatly and store or hang in a ventilated and dry closet.

2. Do not expose the bamboo fiber bathrobe for a long time. Do not fold after drying and dry clean. .

3. Each bamboo fiber product has a cleaning standard, which can be washed and maintained according to the cleaning standard.