What Is The Production Process Of Blanket?

- Jun 12, 2020-

The production process of blanket usually includes the following steps:

1. Weaving: weaving the yarn with a loom according to a certain gram weight ratio to produce a qualified cloth.

2. White cloth finalization - finalizing the woven fabric.

3. Printing: the pattern needed for printing and dyeing on white cloth.

4. Patterned fabric finalization: the printed and dyed patterned fabric shall be reshaped.

5. Post treatment: further shaping treatment shall be carried out for the patterned cloth (this process usually includes ironing and ironing, followed by twice ironing and twice ironing and shearing). If it's a single-layer blanket, it needs to be brushed on the back, and the double-layer blanket only needs to sew the single-layer blanket well.)

6. Finished product processing: after the above cloth is finished, it is OK to make the cloth into the required finished product. (processing of finished products generally includes: cutting, sewing, binding and inspection)