Blanket Pilling Reason

- Jan 01, 2020-

In addition to the pilling phenomenon caused by improper wearing or friction with hard objects, some loose fibers will fall off or become tangled together after wearing the clothes a few times, which is completely normal. Even the highest quality cashmere sweaters will have slight pilling in a moderate range when they are first worn.

1. Due to the peculiarity of the fiber itself, the following factors cause the pilling of cashmere products:

(1) Fiber length: The pilling degree of a fabric woven with longer fibers is lighter than a fabric woven with shorter fibers; because there are fewer fiber head segments per unit length, there are fewer fiber ends exposed on the yarn and fabric surface. Cashmere fiber length is 35 to 45 mm, while wool fiber length is 70 to 140 mm.

(2) Fiber fineness: coarse fibers are less likely to pilble than fine fibers. The yarn spun from coarse fibers has fewer fibers per unit area, and there are fewer fiber ends exposed on the yarn and fabric surface. In addition, the thicker and stiffer the fibers, the harder the fibers on the surface of the fabric are tangled into balls. The fineness of cashmere is significantly smaller than wool. 

(3) the crimp of the fiber: the fiber has more crimps, greater cohesion between the fibers, increased friction, the fiber is not easy to dissipate to the surface of the fabric, and it is not easy to pilling. Cashmere has less curl than wool.