How to choose blankets

- Mar 26, 2021-

Blankets are coarse wool textiles, generally divided into pure wool blankets and blended blankets.

  Pure wool blanket. Most of the pure wool blankets are made of wool, and the quality can be judged from the following three aspects.

   The hand feel must be firm, soft, and elastic, which can be identified by just touching it with your hand.

   The fluffiness of the suede requires that the blanket is not hard, the fluff is loose and not messy, and the fluff covering the surface of the blanket is neat and clear. The underfleece must be fine and dense at the bottom layer, so that the bottom fabric should not be exposed. If the underfleece is poorly raised, the underfleece must be exposed. This kind of blanket affects the appearance quality and reduces the warmth retention performance, so special attention should be paid.

   Also, let's see if the gloss of the whole blanket is natural and soft. Whether the color is beautiful and generous, and whether it is old-fashioned. It is best to look at the edges of the blanket, as long as the color matching is coordinated, flat, straight, and neat, without broken or curved edges.

   blended blankets. Blended blankets are made of pure wool and chemical fiber blends, and have the characteristics of pure blankets and acrylic blankets. They are generally better than acrylic blankets in terms of cold resistance, warmth, softness and comfort. The price is cheaper than pure blankets. There are blended jacquard blankets, Blended suede blankets, blended plain blankets, etc. Features of its high-quality products:

  Appearance: There are few defects, the quality of the material is close to that of a pure blanket, the surface of the blanket is rich, elastic, soft and firm, and the edges are straight and neat.

   Hand feeling: No hair loss when grasped by hand, no compaction after pressing, and elasticity.

  The proportion of raw materials: The wool content meets the national quality standards. When it is identified by the combustion method, it has the smell of burning hair. The ash is mostly charcoal and there is little coke. When rubbing, there is little or no static electricity.

  Trademark: The content of the trademark is complete and the embroidery is fine.