What is the difference between flannel fabric and coral fleece blanket?

- Mar 26, 2021-

The difference between flannel fabric and coral fleece fabric blanket


Before weaving, the flannel fabric is made by dyeing wool and adding primary colors of wool through blending and weaving. It adopts twill weave and plain weave technology. At the same time, it has been milled and napped to make the knitted product soft and compact. specialty.

The fabric of coral fleece uses polyester fiber as raw material. The weaving process is mainly heated, deformed, cooled, and shaped. The weaving process is also improved and upgraded year by year. New processes are constantly added to make the fabric have a richer sense of hierarchy and Rich colors.

raw material:

From the selection of raw materials, it can be seen that the wool raw material used in flannel is very different from the polyester fiber used in coral fleece.

Warmth effect:

It is better to use wool as the raw material of flannel. Therefore, it can be seen that the difference between the two fabrics lies in the cost of the fabric, the warmth retention effect, the feel and the density of the fabric fluff and whether it is shed.