How electric blankets avoid harm

- Dec 20, 2019-

1. Learn to use electric blankets properly: First, it should not be too long to power on. Generally, it should be heated before going to bed. Turn off the power when you go to bed. Do not use it overnight. Second, do not use electric blankets for people with allergic reactions. Those who often use electric blankets should drink plenty of water. Fourth, do not directly contact the human body with electric blankets. A blanket or blanket should be placed on it.

2. In order to prevent accidents, do not leave people for a long time after the electric blanket is powered on, do not stack heavy objects on the electric blanket, do not use hot water bottles on the blanket at the same time, do not let the blanket wet and damp, especially prevent children, Patient wetting bed and so on.

3. If the electric blanket is dirty, you can't wash it in water or rub it. You can only spread the electric blanket on the board and wipe it with a soft brush or dip some diluted detergent in gently to wipe the dirty surface, then dip it in water and scrub it. Dry in a ventilated place. Do not use electricity to dry.

4. If the electric blanket fails or the parts or components are damaged, please ask the manufacturer's repair point or professional technicians to repair it. Do not dismantle it at will, or simply screw the electric wires together to prevent the contact resistance from being too large. Changes in resistance value parameters cause danger of sparks caused by overheating.

5. The electric blankets used in soft beds such as sofa beds and steel beds must be folding electric blankets. Linear electric blankets are usually sold in the market. This type of electric blanket is only suitable for use on a hard bed. It cannot be used on a soft bed. Otherwise, it is easy to break the heating element and cause an accident.

6. When storing electric blankets, they should be air-dried and then stored in round curled bags. Be careful not to fold them in multiple layers, and do not squeeze or press them to prevent damage to the blanket elements.

7. The normal service life of electric blankets is 6 years. Do not “over-service”. Indefinite use may cause hidden safety hazards and easily cause accidents.