The Development Of Blankets In China

- Oct 13, 2020-

The development of blanket industry in China is like a prairie fire. In the recent 15 years, it has developed rapidly and become the production base of blanket in the world, with the output ranking the first in the world.

In the early 1980s, The state-owned Raschel blanket manufacturers represented by Guangdong Meiya blanket Factory, Mudanjiang Blanket Factory and Daqing Blanket Factory introduced more than 20 automatic production lines from Japan, and started the upgrading of Chinese blanket products, gradually replacing the previous woolen blankets with Raschel blanket.

In the early ninety s, represented by guangdong kun igawa, seafood are acrylic blanket of taiwan-funded enterprises, according to the production process to manufacture a blanket wool fabrics, make acrylic blankets in hand, luster, brightness, etc, have greatly improved, and production line at a much lower than raschel blanket production line, make more and more private enterprises have the ability to investment blanket products.

It has formed an industrial base in the coastal areas of Guangdong and Zhejiang and gained good profits.

At the end of 1997, baoding, and textile co., LTD., the first factory in the north, and start the production of acrylic blankets, process and cannot stop as a result, three years, have in the baoding area at lixian county after three county, gao Yang, AnXin built dozens of blankets factory, and rapid development, the formation of large-scale production base, production as the national front row, occupied most of domestic market share, make the coastal manufacturers do export abroad.

But in recent years, Hebei blanket enterprises also shifted from domestic sales to foreign markets, making Chinese blankets the world's champion.

The raw material is gradually transformed from acrylic fiber to polyester, and the process is improved rapidly, occupying an increasingly large share in foreign markets. The blanket industry in Japan, South Korea, Hungary and other countries is gradually declining.

Acrylic blanket manufacturers have gradually changed from manual plate printing to automatic screen printing, and the product quality and quantity have been improved rapidly. For example, Zhejiang True Love, Shandong Shenghao, etc., have an annual production capacity of about 20,000 tons of finished products, and the export volume to the Middle East countries is the largest.

In Jiangsu with changshu jinxiu, Taicang Qinyi, Nantong Huayin plush products Co., LTD as the representative of the manufacturers, mainly to export to Japan, Nantong Huayin composite carpet in the Japanese market welcomed.

In Heilongjiang, Zhongao Blanket industry in Mudanjiang, Yajia blanket from Jiamu and Jinhuang Blanket from Daqing took advantage of the favorable geographical location to export a large number of single-layer blankets to Russia.