Bentonite Waterproof Blanket Can Be Divided According To The Production Process

- Dec 26, 2019-

According to the production process, the bentonite waterproof blanket can be divided into: acupuncture-based sodium-based bentonite waterproof blanket, acupuncture-laminated sodium-based bentonite waterproof blanket and glue-based sodium-bentonite waterproof blanket.

Needle-laminated sodium bentonite waterproof blanket is a composite layer of high-density polyethylene geomembrane on the outer surface of the nonwoven geotextile of needle-punched sodium bentonite waterproof blanket.

Adhesive method of sodium-based bentonite waterproof blanket is a kind of sodium-based bentonite waterproof blanket produced by bonding bentonite particles to high-density polyethylene board with an adhesive.

Physical characteristics:

1. It has excellent waterproof and anti-seepage performance. The anti-seepage hydrostatic pressure can reach more than 1.0MPa, the permeability is 5 × 10-11m / s, and the mass of bentonite per unit area is 5kg / m2. , Good durability; and will not cause any adverse impact on the environment are environmentally friendly materials

2. It has all the characteristics of geotextile materials, such as separation, reinforcement, protection, filtration, etc. The construction is simple and not restricted by the temperature of the construction environment. It can also be constructed below 0 ° C. During construction, the GCL waterproof blanket only needs to be laid flat on the ground. When the facade or bevel is applied, it is fixed with nails and washers, and overlapped as required.

3. Easy to repair; even after the waterproof (seepage) construction is completed, if the waterproof layer is accidentally damaged, as long as the damaged part is simply repaired, the perfect waterproof performance can be regained.

4. The performance-price ratio is relatively high and the application is very extensive.

5. The width of the product can reach 6 meters, which matches the international geotextile (membrane) specifications, which greatly improves the construction efficiency.

As a new type of environmental protection and ecological composite anti-seepage material, sodium-based bentonite waterproof blanket has been widely used in civil engineering such as water conservancy, environmental protection, transportation, railway, civil aviation and so on. Foundation treatment and capping of landfills, anti-seepage of artificial lakes, reservoirs, channels, rivers, roof gardens, and anti-seepage of underground buildings such as basements, subways, tunnels and underground passages.