Working principle of electric blanket

- Jan 30, 2021-

The working principle of the electric blanket is simply that the heating wire is energized to make it generate heat to achieve the heating effect.

Currently it has 2 modes:

Single-layer spiral wire can only generate heat, not temperature;

The double-layer spiral wire actually contains five layers, the first is nylon core wire, the second layer is electric alloy wire (or foil tape) wound around the nylon core wire, and the third layer is nylon or special plastic, also called temperature sensing Layer; The fourth layer is spirally wound with copper alloy signal wires. This spiral winding method not only increases toughness but also prevents breakage. This layer is also called temperature sensing wire. The fifth layer, heat-resistant resin (this insulating layer can resist the electrical strength of 3750 volts). When the temperature at any point on the electric blanket exceeds a predetermined value, the temperature-sensitive layer on the corresponding electric heating wire at that place changes from an insulator to a good conductor, and the temperature is transmitted to the controller through the temperature-sensitive wire to terminate heating, and the electric blanket is powered off. To achieve the purpose of temperature control and safety protection.