What are the differences between blankets?

- Jan 22, 2021-

Handmade carpets are made purely by hand, mostly pure wool and silk, which are processed through more than a dozen processes including pattern design, color matching, yarn dyeing, warping, hand knotting, flat carpet, carpet washing, cutting, trimming, etc. Made. Dozens of colors can be harmoniously blended together. The compact and delicate surface of the carpet can extend the life of the carpet to decades or hundreds of years. Such cumbersome craftsmanship makes it take a few months to a year or two to make a blanket.

The gun-stabbed carpet is made by piercing various colored threads with a hand-stabbing gun on a special fabric, then applying glue on the back of the carpet, attaching a base cloth, and wrapping it by hand. Materials include wool, wool plus a small amount of silk, polypropylene, nylon, etc. The pattern colors can also reach more than ten or twenty kinds, and the exquisiteness and service life are less than pure handmade blankets. The production takes about a week or two.

The production method of woven carpet relies on today's advanced machinery and equipment, and the materials are mostly polypropylene, nylon and some wool. At present, the most advanced domestic weaving technology can make ten color configurations. Although the color pattern and service life cannot be compared with handmade carpets, the price is relatively low.