Which blanket is better for winter?

- Mar 06, 2021-

1. The hand feel must be firm, soft, and elastic, which can be identified by hand-touching.

2. The bulkiness of the suede requires that the blanket is not hard, the fluff is loose and not messy, and the fluff covering the surface of the blanket is neat and clear. The underfleece must be fine and dense at the bottom layer, so that the bottom fabric should not be exposed. If the underfleece is poorly raised, the underfleece must be exposed. This kind of blanket affects the appearance quality and reduces the warmth retention performance, so special attention should be paid.

3. In addition, let's see if the gloss of the whole blanket is natural and soft. Whether the color is beautiful and generous, and whether it is old-fashioned. It is best to look at the edges of the blanket, as long as the color is coordinated, flat, straight, and neat, without broken or curved edges.