Complete range of blanket fabrics

- Mar 16, 2021-

1. Animal fiber. Animal fiber mainly includes. Wool, mohair, rabbit hair, cashmere, camel hair, yak wool, etc. Among the many blanket materials, animal fiber blankets are the most popular and the best one, because animal fiber blankets are also very expensive on the market. . Animal fiber blankets have a good warmth retention effect, are very soft and comfortable in contact with human skin, animal fibers are densely woven, good elasticity, and very durable.

2. Nylon. Nylon is the Chinese name of synthetic fiber nylon. The translated name is also called "Nylon" and "Nylon", and the scientific name is polyamide fiber, which is polyamide fiber. It has good strength and abrasion resistance, and ranks first among all fibers. The moisture absorption of nylon fabric is a good variety among synthetic fiber fabrics. Polyamide has poor ventilation and air permeability and is easy to generate static electricity.

3. Spandex. Spandex is the trade name of polyurethane elastic fiber in my country. Spandex began industrial production in 1959. It mainly woven elastic fabrics. Usually spandex yarns and other fibers are spun into core-spun yarns for weaving. It can be used to make all kinds of underwear, swimming suits, tights, jeans, sportswear, elastic parts of belts, etc. The clothing made of spandex is comfortable to wear, can adapt to the needs of the deformation of various parts of the body, and can reduce the sense of restraint of the clothing on the body.

4. Vinylon. Vinylon is the trade name of polyvinyl acetal fiber, also called Vinylon. Its performance is close to cotton, and it is called "synthetic cotton". It is the most hygroscopic variety among existing synthetic fibers. Vinylon was made in Germany in the 1930s, but it is not resistant to hot water and is mainly used for surgical sutures.