Matters needing attention

- Dec 27, 2019-

1. The storage and transportation of the bentonite composite waterproof mat (GCL) should be waterproof, moisture-proof, and protected from strong sunlight. The ground should be lifted up during storage, and the bentonite composite waterproof pad (GCL) shipped to the site should be used up on the same day.

2. When carrying out the next process or construction of adjacent projects, the bentonite composite waterproof pad (GCL) of the completed process should be properly protected from any artificial damage.

3. Try to avoid wearing spiked shoes and high heels on the bentonite composite waterproof pad (GCL);

Vehicles and other machinery must not be compacted with bentonite composite waterproof pads (GCL).

4. In the construction of the GM / GCL composite liner, the completed GCL should be completed with the HDPE film construction or the 300mm thick clay protective layer on the day. The HDPE film or clay protective layer cannot be completed on the day. The GCL should be covered. In order to prevent rain and snow, GCL first hydrates and exposes the GCL to strong sunlight.

5. For the anti-seepage and waterproof construction of GCL single-layer liners, after the construction is completed and accepted, the soil, sand or stone particles with a specific gravity greater than 2.0 should be quickly backfilled. To prevent damage to the GCL during backfilling, the backfilling soil must not contain crushed stones with a particle size greater than 10mm, and the thickness of the backfilling soil should not be less than 30cm. The backfill soil should be compacted by graded backfill and the compaction degree cannot be lower than 85%.