The Difference Between Bathrobe And Nightgown

- Dec 31, 2020-

1. The difference in function

Since bathrobes are clothing worn after bathing, generally bathrobes are made of towels, which can have better water absorption, which is similar to the role of bath towels, but its biggest advantage over bath towels is that it is more convenient to wrap Body, you can walk around freely at home wearing it.

The night gown cannot serve as a bathrobe. The night gown is mainly used to wear comfortable and relaxed when sleeping, or some people do not need to wear the night gown under the quilt. It is mainly convenient to put the night gown next to it in the middle of the night. If you feel cold, just cover it

2. The difference between fabrics.

The fabric used for night gowns is often pure cotton fabric or high-grade silk, which is relatively smooth and has better skin-friendly properties.

Bathrobes are generally made of fabrics with better water absorption, and more use high-grade bamboo fibers. In fact, the two are not too particular about the clothes before and after going to bed. It depends on how you like to wear.

3. The difference in purchase.

Bathrobes are generally made of ordinary cotton, refined sulfur cotton, coral fleece, terry, waffle, bamboo fiber and other common materials. However, bathrobes are also more casual home wear in life.

Night gowns mostly use soft and elegant colors and quiet and delicate small floral patterns. The fabrics used are often pure cotton fabrics or high-end silk.