Sweatshirts Look

- Dec 01, 2019-

A slim trench coat may not be suitable for everyone, and the straight feel also restricts those girls who prefer casual style. Choosing a loose pullover not only feels comfortable and casual, but also can be changed with scarfs and shirts. effect.

(1) Clean white is always a versatile color, with the same color sequin decoration, showing a sweet little woman taste. As for shoes, high heels or canvas shoes are ok!

(2) The loose pullover + tight leg pants can not only lengthen the legs, but also help you cover the small flaws in your body!

(3) Printed pullover + black tights + high-top leather boots with black and white pattern, in the end, it reveals a little girl's purity in addition to the coolness!

(4) Nowadays, the combination of "shirt + pullover", which was once considered "old-fashioned", studentish, and not trimmed, has become a new trend. You can use the sweet little round neck shirt + skinny sweater + puff skirt to create the student dress on the campus of the American university in the 1950s. taste.

(5) The combination of a grey pullover and a white shirt is the simplest combination. The lower body can be worn in the A-style fluffy skirt of the 1950s to create a retro look on American university campuses.