Raschel Blanket Function

- Dec 20, 2019-

First, winter can be used as a blanket and a warm Raschel quilt. Lying on it will make you forget all your troubles and cold. It will instantly enter the warm state and dawn, so Raschel blanket can help you improve sleep quality.

Second, spring and autumn can be used as a thin quilt, soft and without losing its warmth, but it is quite breathable and is a rare bedding.

3. Summer is the ideal summer quilt (double-layer summer is not suitable). Although it feels fluffy, even the thick Raschel is very breathable and comfortable. Perfect for naked sleep! Raschel is one of the newest and best-selling fabrics in acrylic. The product is characterized by soft hand, fine texture and environmental protection. It is mainly used for high-grade blankets, fur coat trimming, high-end cloth toys, car accessories, warm hats, etc. It is mainly used for making blankets.