Raschel Blanket Features

- Dec 16, 2019-

Imported ultra-fine warm acrylic fiber as raw material. Compared with other textiles, its advantages are outstanding: it feels very comfortable and soft, the fiber is delicate, does not lint, it is warm and breathable, digitally dyed, the color is bright and does not fade. Ordinary blankets are thick and dense, and have unique thermal insulation properties, so the price is slightly higher than ordinary blankets.

In daily use, the blanket should often be bathed in the sun and gently patted to make sweat beads, dust and dandruff adhere to the blanket.

Both are removed and the fluff is carefully combed to keep the carpet surface clean, fluffy and soft. The blanket must be folded flat into the cabinet when storing

Or inside the bag, to prevent squeezing, to keep the texture of the blanket elastic and better care.