Introduction To Blankets

- Sep 10, 2020-

Both sides have the wool fabric of rich wool, the surface has rich wool fabric, the bed that has heat preservation performance USES wool fabric, also can be used as the adornment such as bedspread, tapestry. It can be divided into three types: pure blanket, blended blanket and chemical fiber blanket. According to the weaving method, it can be divided into machine weaving, tufted wool, warp knitting, acupuncture, sewing knitting, etc. Blanket face pattern has jacquard, printing, plain color, mandarin duck color, road, grid, etc. Blanket style has suede type, velvet type, wool type, ball type and water grain type, etc. Strong flexibility and warmth, thick texture. Mainly used as a cover on the bed, and also as a bedspread or tapestry decorations. The appearance of the blanket is varied, with a plump and shrunken velvet shape, and the down is upright and full of velvet. Blanket patterns come in a variety of colors.