Disadvantages Of Electric Blankets

- Dec 23, 2019-

1. Poor quality electric blankets may leak electricity if they are not well maintained after long-term use, so it is best not to use them while sleeping.

2. The electric heating blanket will keep the capillaries in a dilated state, and the body's water and salinity will be obviously lost, and prone to dry mouth, sore throat, nostril bleeding, dry skin and constipation.

3. The electromagnetic radiation of the electric blanket has a wide impact on human health. Electromagnetic radiation can cause high-intensity continuous microwave irradiation, which can speed up the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, wheezing, and sweating.

4. The child's physical vitality is relatively large. If you often use the electric blanket to get used to the heat of the electric blanket, it will reduce the child's resistance to the cold, and the immunity will be reduced accordingly, affecting growth and development. Therefore, it is not recommended to use an electric blanket for children. .

5. The harm of the electric blanket is also manifested in the fact that too high temperature will reduce the quality of sleep and make you feel weak after getting up the next day. In fact, it is not comfortable to sleep for a long time.

6. The electric blanket is mechanically heated, which will destroy the balance mechanism of the human body, thereby promoting blood pressure.