How to store pure blankets

- Feb 06, 2021-

First, anti-mold. There are many micropores on the wool fiber, and mold is easy to grow, so pay special attention

Second, moisture-proof. Although acrylic fiber has a small moisture absorption capacity and is not easy to mold and rot, the warp yarn of acrylic fiber blankets is generally cotton yarn. When the cotton yarn is bad, the blanket must be scrapped, so the acrylic fiber blanket should also be moisture-proof and mold-proof.

Third, prevent heat. The surface of the wool fiber of the blanket contains a small amount of grease, which makes the blanket pleasant and soft. If the blanket is often placed in sultry conditions, the grease will dry out, affecting the gloss and feel

Fourth, pest control. Wool is a protein fiber and a good food for pests. So pay attention to pest control. If you plan to use the closet to store the blanket, it is best to spray some insecticide into the closet, close the door, put the blanket in the blanket after a while, and store a few mothballs wrapped in gauze in the blanket

Fifth, sun protection. Exposure to the sun will reduce the gloss of the blanket, feel rough, and decrease elasticity and tension

Sixth, dust-proof. Dust will affect the beautiful appearance of the blanket. Dust is not hygienic. In addition, the blanket should not be washed frequently, so it should be dust-proof and stain-proof.

Seventh, anti-pressure. Long-term heavy pressure will deform the blanket, make the originally very bulky blanket become very hard, lose its soft feel, and may also appear fluffing and folding streaks