How to choose a bathrobe

- Feb 24, 2021-

1. Pattern: plain weaving, satin, spiral, cut pile, jacquard and other processes can be woven into beautiful and full patterns. When purchasing, you need to see whether the pattern of the bath towel is clear and full, the chromatography is obvious, and the pile is meticulous Degree and softness.

2. Weight: Bath towels are not as heavier as possible. If the weight is too large, it will dry slowly when exposed to water and will speed up the frequency of replacement. Therefore, the weight per square meter of bath towels is the key to measure its quality. Thick and light bath towels are preferred.

3. Raw materials: The raw materials of high-quality bath towels are generally fine-staple cotton or long-staple cotton. In addition, environmentally friendly bamboo fiber fabrics can also be purchased, and Belgian linen is also a good choice.

4. Details: Bath towels can be made through bleaching, dyeing, softening and other procedures. Therefore, high-quality bath towels are generally neatly wrapped, and the joints of the signs will be hidden, and they are extremely absorbent, strong and durable.